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At WriterX, we are creating powerful tools that can help marketers, founders, small business owners, and content creators quickly create all the content they need for their business, like product descriptions, blog posts, social media copy, sales copy, taglines and landing pages – all in a matter of seconds! It has been an amazing journey so far and we want you to be a part of it.

How does it work?

We want to reward you for talking about WriterX with your friends, colleagues, and audience, we want you to be our Partners in building this a world-class tool!

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Join as a Partner here and you'll receive a unique referral link that can track how many people clicked and signed up.

Recommend WriterX and Earn

Promote WriterX to your audience. Help them take advantage of their free trial. When they upgrade, you earn 30% recurring commission.

Help Your Audience

Provide your audience with guides to maximize WriterX's use case capabilities by recording and writing tutorials on how to use WriterX.

Affiliate Resources

Our affiliate program plays a vital role in helping us to distribute powerful marketing tools all over the world, so we are eager to assist you in any way that we can.

Who should become a partner?

If you're someone who wants to help others improve their craft while making money, then the WriterX Partner Program is for you.

Start Referring and Boost Passive Income

The sky is the limit when it comes to making money with WriterX Affiliate Program. Earn 30% recurring commission on each sale through your referral link.

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You can browse these frequently asked questions here or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

There are no limits! You will earn a 30% commission on all payments for life.
Assuming that the user subscribes to $59/month you’ll make:

1 referral = $17.7 per month
5 referrals = $88.5 per month
10 referrals = $177 per month
25 referrals = $442.5 per month
100 referrals = $1,770 per month
250 referrals = $4,425 per month
1,000 referrals = $17,770 per month

We use the best affiliate tracking software for our partner program, Rewardful. They have world-class tracking technology and an easy-to-use dashboard to see your visitors, leads, customers, and payments.

The way the WriterX affiliate tracking works is if someone clicks on your link, a cookie is attached in their browser. This tracks them for 60 days. So even if they click on another affiliate’s link, they are still your referral.

People who click on your link have 60 days to become a customer. If they buy after 60 days of first clicking your link, the cookie will have expired so they will no longer be tracked.

Self-referrals are not allowed. The spirit of the program is to reward you for referring other people. This is not a way to get a discount on your own account.

If you purchase an account using your own affiliate link, your commission for that sale will be voided. We appreciate that this sometimes happens inadvertently due to cookies. Commissions will be paid on all sales from your referrals, just not your own.

If you are running paid search campaigns, the only targeting restriction is you are not allowed to bid on branded keyword search terms such as “WriterX Co” and “WriterX”

Do not impersonate WriterX or try and trick people into thinking your company is WriterX or Flacked AI.

All three conditions must be true:
1. Net-30 Basis
2. 2nd of every month.
3. Payment has not been disputed or refunded.

On the 2nd of every month, we pay out all commissions for sales that happened at least 30 days prior. So if your referred customer upgrades their account on January 1st, you’d be paid on February 2nd. If you referred customer upgrades their account on January 7th, they complete their 30 days on February 7th but since we pay the commissions only on the 2nd of every month, you’ll be paid on 2nd March.

All payouts are made via PayPal.

We recommend you either sign up from your clients’ computers (if possible) OR sign up your clients as usual (without a referral link) and send us an email with their sign-up email addresses to [email protected]

No. The only time you get credit for a sale is when a customer signs up for a new account after clicking on your affiliate link.

The referral cookie life is 60 days. If a user purchases the product past 60 days from the first referred visit, the conversion won’t be tracked anymore.