v2.0.0 – 9th August 2022


  • The website is now 600% faster.
  • Introduced New Pricing Plans.
  • A custom dashboard with a search bar and other personalised data.
  • Ability to set 1 active project.
  • Added a section to display the most used/trending templates in the dashboard.
  • A referral reward system.
  • Ability to add a profile picture.
  • Added a Profile Page with activity logging.
  • Added a history section that stores generation history for up to 90 days in projects.
  • Added the ability to delete projects.
  • We now use Word Count for usage tracking instead of Characters


  • Added 16 New Templates.
  • Added 25 New Languages.
  • Added ability to mark frequently used templates as favourites.
  • Improved the quality of output generated by AI.
  • Added Words and Character Count for every new output generated.
  • Added new options to generate even more specific output in some templates.


  • Redesigned UI to make it faster and smoother.
  • Added all templates in the Templates tab in Canvas.
  • Added an option to specify criteria for rephrasing the text.
  • Added an option to choose output language that works throughout the Canvas.
  • Redesigned tooltip. Reduced size to make it more flexible.
  • Added ability to shorten text.
  • Improved the quality of compose and expand features.
  • Added an option to enable auto-saving in a saved Canvas.
  • Redesigned Sharing Options.
  • Replaced Command with Compose.