Branded Content

Seamlessly enhance your marketing strategy with unparalleled precision and consistency. With our AI-powered knowledgebase, you'll effortlessly craft impactful content that authentically represents your brand across all channels.

Get access to branded content with plans starting as low as $29/month.

Key Features

Consistently generate personalized and on-brand content

Generate a unique and consistent brand voice with personalized tone, style, and language, and using it everywhere.

Add your brand's knowledgebase, enabling AI to generate highly accurate and relevant content specific to your brand.

Ensure every piece of content precisely reflects your desired audience sentiment to match the appropriate emotional tones.

Why Branded Content?

Because it helps you

Stay Consistent

By creating a personalized brand voice and maintaining content consistency, you can reinforce a consistent brand identity across all communication channels. This consistency fosters trust and recognition among the target audience.

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Save Time and Effort

The AI-powered content generation in WriterX's Brand Management significantly reduces the time and effort required to create engaging and on-brand content. This allows teams to focus on other important tasks while enjoying increased productivity and efficiency.

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Increases Scalability and Flexibility

As your brand evolves and adapts to market trends, WriterX can seamlessly incorporate updates and changes from your knowledgebase into the generated content. This feature allows you to scale your content production effortlessly while maintaining the same level of accuracy and consistency.

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Increase Accuracy

By incorporating a knowledgebase, WriterX gains access to a wealth of information specific to your industry or brand, resulting in highly accurate and relevant content generation. The AI can reference this database, ensuring that the content aligns with your brand's values, key messages, and industry-specific expertise.

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Thanks to WriterX's Brand Voice and Knowledgebase features, we have witnessed a significant boost in brand consistency, engagement, and overall content quality.

 Katherine Wilson, VP Marketing