Flacked AI rebrands to WriterX

Here’s the story behind Flacked AI rebranding and turning the company name to WriterX.

Why rebrand from Flacked AI?

Flacked AI was originally launched as a platform featuring AI-powered Summarizer and Writer for writing needs. Initially, we picked the name Flacked AI to promote the AI technology trends.

The problem arose when the app started to grow and with the increasing demand for scalability, the need for a name and brand more synonymous with our vision was perceived.

Keeping in mind the need for a new name, we decided to give our AI Writer a whole new identity. We thought, why not revamp and modify the whole platform while we’re at it?

Thus began the journey of rebranding Flacked AI.

Introducing WriterX – Your AI Writing Companion

WriterX is an all-in-one content writing app that helps you write trending pieces of content. It has all the tools you need to create the best content for your blogs, copies, articles, ads and much more. With its amazing features and easy-to-use templates, WriterX will become a part of your daily writing experiences in absolutely no time.

The Emergence of the name WriterX

Considering the problem with the previous name was the lack of synonymity with the purpose of the platform among the audiences and potential customers, we wanted to come up with a name that could easily be associated with the whole experience of writing. We wanted to come up with a name that could also accommodate the original idea of the platform working as an agent or assistant to the writer or a writing companion, to be precise.

After a lot of brainstorming within the team, it was decided that the best possible name to give the brand identity would be WriterX.

That’s how WriterX came into existence!

What’s new in WriterX?


  • The website is now 600% faster.
  • Introduced New Pricing Plans.
  • A custom dashboard with a search bar and other personalised data.
  • Ability to set 1 active project.
  • Added a section to display the most used/trending templates in the dashboard.
  • A referral reward system.
  • Ability to add a profile picture.
  • Added a Profile Page with activity logging.
  • Added a history section that stores generation history for up to 90 days in projects.
  • Added the ability to delete projects.
  • We now use Word Count for usage tracking instead of Characters


  • Added 16 New Templates.
  • Added 25 New Languages.
  • Added ability to mark frequently used templates as favourites.
  • Improved the quality of output generated by AI.
  • Added Words and Character Count for every new output generated.
  • Added new options to generate even more specific output in some templates.


  • Redesigned UI to make it more robust.
  • Added all templates in the Templates tab in Canvas.
  • Added an option to specify criteria for rephrasing the text.
  • Added an option to choose output language that works throughout the Canvas.
  • Redesigned tooltip. Reduced size to make it more flexible.
  • Added ability to shorten text.
  • Improved the quality of compose and expand.
  • Added an option to enable auto-saving in a saved Canvas.
  • Redesigned Sharing Options.
  • Replaced Command with Compose.

You can read the complete changelog here.

What will happen to Flacked AI

Flacked AI will continue as the parent company for WriterX. Since it reflects the initial goal that we strive for. So stay tuned for much more improvements and updates from Flacked AI as the brand stays on.

This is just the beginning of an even longer road ahead!

With the rebranding of the platform as WriterX, we have even bigger and better plans in the roadmap of WriterX for the near future.

Here are some of the things that expect from us in the long run:

  • Improved Output Quality
  • Tonal Recognition (AI Matching your tone of writing)
  • Integrating WriterX with your favourite tools and platforms.
  • Enhancing team collaboration features.

Expanding the team!

With the visions getting bigger, the team is getting better. We’re hiring new and brighter minds in our team in order to get the best and most advanced features to you so that you can continue the best writing experience.

Let’s Get Started!

Without any further ado, let’s begin a new chapter in the field of writing with WriterX and change your definition of great writing forever. Stay tuned for more updates!

And sign up today for an amazing writing experience @WriterX.co